Mayra Barraza

From "MENAGERIE" series.

From “MENAGERIE” series.

"IN THE MEANTIME - 7 INSOMNIAC NIGHTS" - Palacio Tecleño de la Cultura y las Artes

DEC 4 - 21

The title for this group show refers to a parallel space for permanent artistic creation which resists to a dehumanizing social context and that, through art, afirms its existence and importance.
In that context, night as a creative space, temporal but above all symbolical, refers to a dark universe, uncertain and vast, in which each of the artists exhibiting travels throughout their own intellectual and existential cartography.

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OCT 8 - NOV 3

Recent work by Mayra Barraza at Managua´s most prestigious gallery.

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SEPT 2 - OCT 12

Featuring twenty impactful works produced in and about El Salvador over the past decade. This exhibition celebrates MARTE Contemporary’s 10-year anniversary, and comprises ten works selected by the curators and ten works selected by the artists in the exhibition. The result, shown at the MARTE Museum of Art of El Salvador, is twenty works that explore themes pertinent to living and working in El Salvador and its diaspora.

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