Myra Barraza



LILIANA BLOCH GALLERY: "Predicament of the Subject

JAN 5 - FEB 10, 2019

Predicament of the Subject is the title of Myra Barraza’s new solo exhibition at Liliana Bloch Gallery. The title “Predicament of the Subject” stems from Aristotle’s recognition of ten predicaments, or attributes that sum the range of human thought, in which one, or other, could find a category for any, and all concepts. Myra Barraza has created a series of small -scale social media paintings of men’s portraits of portraits referencing identity fluctuation. The exhibition also includes pieces from her Feral Female series, in which the artist paints what she calls “female sexuality portraits”. Barraza’s depictions constitute a sensual exploration of the frontier of female and male representation.

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LILIANA BLOCH GALLERY: "Mayra Barraza: History Lesssons"

Feb. 18 - March 25, 2017

Liliana Bloch Gallery is proud to present History Lessons, a solo exhibition by Mayra Barraza. The exhibition presents works from two independent but connected series the artist created in 2015: “Zenith” and “History Lessons”.

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LATINO CULTURAL CENTER: "Cinco Latinas: A Common Thread"

July 22 - August 27, 2016

Featuring the work of Ivonne Acero, Mayra Barraza, Sara Cardona, Leticia Huerta, and Maria Teresa Garcia Pedroche and curated by local curator, artist, and activist Viola Delgado, this exhibition will showcase the diversity and talent of these five Latina artists working in the greater North Texas area.

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