Myra Barraza

Myra Barraza
b. 1966, El Salvador.
Lives and works in London.


Guest Visitor by the Federal Republic of Germany to Berlin Art Week, 2016. / Travel Grant by the Fundación Cisneros to assist CIMAM´s Annual Conference in Tokyo, 2015. / Honorable Mention – SUMARTE, Salvadoran Museum of Art, 2010. / Molaa Award – Drawing Invitational juried art competition, Museum of Latin American Art –2008, California, United States of America. / Distinguished Professor, “Monica Herrera” Communications and Design School, Semester 1, 2008. / First prize, Santo Domingo Drawing Salon – 2007, Dominican Republic. / Honorary Salon – Fundación Salvadoreña de Apoyo Integral – El Salvador. / Honorable Mention, Alternative Art Category, II Paiz Art Biennial Bienal – 2003, El Salvador. / Artistic residence – 2002, Fundación Valparaíso, Almería, Spain. / Installation Prize, I Paiz Art Bienal – 2001, El Salvador. / Silver Painting Glyph, Invited Artist, I Paiz Art Biennial – 2001, El Salvador. / Finalist, Juannio Prize – 2000, Museum of Modern Art, Guatemala. / First Prize, Painting competition “Energy in the 21st Century” – 1999, Comisión Ejecutiva Hidroeléctrica, El Salvador. / Honorable Mention, Santo Domingo Drawing Salon – 1995, Dominican Republic; First Young Painters Festival -1990, El Salvador. / Third place, IV Young Salvadoran Painters Competition “Palmares” – 1989, El Salvador.


“Mayra Barraza: History Lessons”, Lilliana Bloch Gallery, Dallas, TX, 2017 / “Mixturas: Recent work by Mayra Barraza”, Mexican Cultural Center, San Salvador, 2016 / “Recent Work”, Codice Gallery, Nicaragua, 2014 / “The Animal That Therefore I am”, Liliana Bloch Gallery, Texas, 2013 / “Mating Season”, Saltfineart Gallery, California, 2013 / “Caput Mortuum Suite”, Gallery Pfeister, Denmark, 2011 / “Under the Sheltering Sky”, Pascal’s Gallery, Suchitoto, 2011 / “Divertimento”, La Pinacoteca Gallery, El Salvador, 2011 / “Invisible Man”, Saltfineart Gallery, California, 2010 / “Republic of Death”, Spanish Cultural Center in Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, 2008-2010. / “Artist of the Month”, Salvadoran Art Museum, 2008 / “Of Small Things”, German Cultural Forum, El Salvador, 2007 / “Meeting Point”, National Exhibitions Hall, El Salvador, 2006 / “Landscapes of Longing”, Luis Poma Theater, El Salvador, 2005 / “Atocha Hands”, drawings and paintings in homage to 11-M victims, Spanish Cultural Center, El Salvador, 2005 / “The Book of One Hundred Hands”, Contemporary Visual Arts Center: Women in the Arts “Leticia Oyuela”, Honduras, 2004-2005 / “My House is Your House”, Spanish Cultural Center, El Salvador, 2003 / “Mayra Barraza, 1991-2001”, Vilanova FineArt Gallery, El Salvador, 2002 / “Sketches for a Farewell”, Ibero-American Formation Center, Antigua Guatemala, 2001 / “Labyrinth”, II Lima Biennial, Lima, Peru, 1999 / “Ephemeral Cities”, 1-2-3 Gallery, El Salvador, 1999 / “Passion of the Hidden City”, 1-2-3 Gallery and National Theater, El Salvador, 1998 / “Air”, 1-2-3 Gallery, El Salvador, 1994 / “Reflections of the Soul”, 1-2-3 Gallery, El Salvador, 1991 / Site Interventions 2008 – “Lines on the Wall”, private home Zona Rosa, curated by Simón Vega, El Salvador / “Latest News”, Spanish Cultural Center, El Salvador / 2004 – “Equinoccio”, Casa del Escritor, El Salvador / 2003 – “The Cage”, felt-pen on interior wall, Spanish Cultural Center, El Salvador / “Room in Between”, charcoal on interior wall with graffiti, El Zonte, El Salvador / 2002 – ”Alice’s Door”, acrylic on interior wall and floor, No. 32 Riereta, Barcelona, Spain / ”House of Enigmas”, ink on interior walls, Theredoom Gallery, Barcelona Contemporary Art III, Spain / ”Four Paths”, ink on interior walls, O’Lionardos Bar, A Coruna, Spain / ”Space for Three”, charcoal on interior wall, Valparaíso Foundation, Mojácar, Spain / “Fugue Point”, acrylic and ink on interior wall and floor, abandoned industrial building, Barcelona, Spain / “Wall of Silence – Two Studies”, painting on exterior walls, Barcelona, Spain / ”Foreigners’ Map”, painting on asphalt, Barcelona, Spain / ”House of No”, painting on interior walls of abandoned house, San Salvador, El Salvador / ”Lie the Truth, Truth the Lie…”, painting on exterior wall two-level crossing, Monumento al Hermano Lejano, El Salvador / 2000 -”Romero’s Cross”, installation in mixed media, “MONSEÑOR: Muestra Romero de Imaginería”, National Exhibitions Hall, El Salvador /


2016 – FEA4, San Salvador / “And They Papered the Room”, Lilliana Bloch Gallery, Dallas / “Cinco Latinas: A Common Thread” curated by Viola Delgado, Latino Cultural Center, Dallas / 2015 “Relocating SAL”, HilgerBROTKKunsthalle, Vienna / “Family Ties”, 500X Gallery, Dallas / 2014 ”Summer School”, Liliana Bloch Gallery / ”10”, Contemporary Art Program, Salvadoran Museum of Art / 2013 ”Mixtape”, Museum of Latin American Art, California / ”Visions: Contemporary Salvadoran Art”, Rozas Botran Foundation, Guatemala / Palm Springs Art Fair: Post War and Contemporary Art, California / ”Nine Women in the Arts”, National Chiang Kai-Shek Cultural Center, South Korea / 2012 – ”Women in Salvadoran Visual Arts”, National Exhibitions Hall, El Salvador / 2011 – ”Experi(mental): Latin American Art on the Cusp of Contemporary”, Saltfineart Gallery, California / 2010 – XXXI Pontevedra Biennial: “Utropicos”, Galicia, Spain / ”+/- Hope”, Art and Design Museum of Costa Rica / ”A Modular Framework”, Spanish Cultural Center, El Salvador / 2009 -“Into the Woods”, Carlos Woods Gallery, Guatemala / 2008 – “Territories”, La Pinacoteca Gallery and La Fábri-K, El Salvador / “Art of Uncertainty”, curated by Charo Ocquet of Edge Zone, Spanish Cultural Center, Dominican Republic / 2007 – IV Latin American Contemporary Art Salon, Arte Kouryu Center, Japan / V Ibero American Biennial of Video Creation and Digital Art “Unsteady Image”, Art and Design Museum of Costa Rica / “Zones Contemporary Art Fair 07”, Edge Zones, Wynwood Art District, Miami, USA / “Transculture: Here and Now”, curated by Rebeca Dávila, Alanna Heiss y Alanna Lockward, Spanish Cultural Center, El Salvador / “New Art Biennial: INTERACTIVA 07”, “Information Art: Schemes against the Spectacle in Central America” curated by Jorge Albán, Mérida, México / “Alter Dialogues: Contemporary Salvadoran Artists”, Forma Museum, El Salvador / “Tying Knots”, Central American show curated by Lucrecia Cofiño, Carlos Woods Gallery, Guatemala / “Generation X: Luis Lazo, Óscar Soles, Orlando Cuadra, Rodolfo Molina, Mayra Barraza”, La Pinacoteca Gallery, El Salvador / “Limitless: Salvadoran and Spanish Painting”, curated by Inmaculada Corcho and Rodolfo Molina, Salvadoran Art Museum / “10+10”, Spanish Cultural Center, El Salvador / 2006 -“Route 06: Art in the Historic Center”, organized by the Spanish Cultural Center, El Salvador / “Violent White”, Azul y Blanco Contemporary Art Gallery, El Salvador / 2005 -“LIBRo+artE!”, IX International Book Fair of Central America, El Salvador / 2004 -“Contact: Engravings of the Salvadoran Diaspora”, The Art Gallery, Cesar Chávez Student Center, San Francisco State University, USA / “Attention: We are being globalized”, Labyrintum –Galeria Roggenbuck Gallery, Gelsenkirchen, Germany / “Over Exposed: Photo Painting”, Spanish Cultural Center, El Salvador / “Next Generations”, National Exhibitions Hall, El Salvador / 2003 – II Paiz Art Biennial, Invited Artists-Painting Category, El Salvador / XXI Penagos Drawing Prize, Mapfre-Vida Cultural Foundation, Madrid, Spain / Group show on occasion of URBAL-Red12MujerCiudad organized by the Diputacio de Barcelona in San Salvador, El Salvador / 2002 -“Meso-America: Oscilations and Artifices”, Atlantic Center for Modern Art, Las Palmas Gran Canaries, Spain / “Salvadoran Art”, Latin American Maisson, Lyon, France / XX Penagos Drawing Prize, Mapfre-Vida Cultural Foundation, Madrid, Spain / “Salvadoran Painting 2002”, Vértice Art Gallery, Guatemala / 2001 – First National Painting Contest, National Exhibitions Hall, El Salvador / “II Young Painters Competition”, Spanish Cultural Center, El Salvador / 2000 -"Feminine Creation of the Nineties”, Spanish Cultural Center of Costa Rica, and National Exhibitions Hall, El Salvador / “21st Century and Contemporary Art in El Salvador”, VilaNova Fine Art Gallery, Grupo CAUSA, El Salvador / 1989-1999 – "Gods, Spirits and Legends: 20th Century Art from El Salvador”, Museum del Barrio, Nueva York / Central American art exhibition on occasion of the III Encounter of Central American and Caribbean Arts, National Exhibitions Hall, El Salvador / “Fifth Essence -Salvadoran Women Painters”, Presidente Theater, El Salvador / “Salvadorans, a Cultural Travesy”, Los Angeles Theater Center, USA / “100 Drawings of Artists from Latin America and the Caribbean”, Puerto Rican Cultural Institute, Puerto Rico / “III Drawing Exhibition”, Sanpedrano Cultural Center and Instituto Hondureño de Cultura Interamericana, Honduras / “Latin American Painting”, Patronato Pro Patrimonio Cultural, El Salvador / “Centennial Year: Selective Student Show”, The Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, DC, USA / X International Art Biennial, Valparaíso, Chile / “Industrial Images”, Subterránea, Washington, DC, USA.


Museum of Latin American Art, Salvadoran Art Museum, State Hidroelectric Company, Spanish Cultural Center in El Salvador, Arts Museum of Suchitoto, Maria Escalon de Nuñez Foundation, Paiz Foundation, Arte Arawak Foundation, Ayuntamiento de Caceres, Casa del Escritor, La Geo SA de CV, La Tabacalera SA de CV, SISA SA de CV, Citibank. BItNro Cutlultural de España en El Salvador, Museo de las Artes de Suchitoto, Casa del Escritor, Fundación María Escalón de Núñez, Fundación Valparaíso, Fundación Paiz, Fundación de Arte Arawak.